Have you already purchased a Jeep and you would like to stay “tuned” while driving in full comfort? Then UCONNECT LIVE is the right tool for you. We are giving you some advice for you to be familiar with all its functionalities or - in case you are novice users - to download the app.

Click here and discover the latest version at your disposal on your Jeep, but as far as European models are concerned refer to https://www.driveuconnect.eu and not the .com which refers to the connected services and US contents. We suggest you visiting the section GUIDE & SUPPORT to verify its Bluetooth compatibility and any available upgrade. 

Availability of LIVE Services
Uconnect™ LIVE Services are available Jeep Renegade, Jeep Compass, Cherokee MY 2017 and Grand Cherokee MY 2017 with Uconnect™ 5” Radio LIVE, Uconnect™ 5” Radio Nav LIVE, Uconnect™ 6.5” Radio Nav LIVE, Uconnect™ 7” HD LIVE, Uconnect™ 7” HD Nav LIVE,

The following are the smartphone minimum requirements for mobile app Uconnect™ LIVE :

Android Operating System 4.1 or higher. Recommended screen resolution: 480x800, 540x960, 720x1280 and 1080x1920
Apple Operating System iOS 9.0 or higher. Recommended screen resolution:  640x960, 640x1136, 750x1334 and 1080x1920
Bluetooth version 2.1 or higher + EDR


Discover the navigation systems, the car entertainment systems and the voice commands which allow you to call anyone at any moment.

Maps will guide you through traffic and the GPS supported by sensors will promptly enable you the path. Audio indications and vocal suggestions will give you very detailed instructions.

Do you have any question on UCONNECT world?

We are compiling a special area with FAQ for a first approach to Uconnect technology. We remind you that the official reference website is https://www.driveuconnect.eu .
Uconnect Live - Update of information in the app and installation constraints

Do you own a Jeep vehicle?

Remember that to function effectively LIVE services require a permanent data connection from the paired smartphone and that Uconnect LIVE application is correctly installed and working on your mobile phone.
Services updates are fully managed by Over The Air via cellular network.

Currently available LIVE services are:
- Facebook |Check In
- Twitter
- TuneIn (to listen to webradio)
- Deezer (to listen to music in streaming)
- Eco:Drive
- My:Car
- Reuters (for the latest news)
Aside there are other services: TomTom Live (weather, traffic, mobile speedcams, search on the Internet).

Have you installed all the functions except Mycar?

Remember you should always keep Uconnect app open on your smartphone in the car.
You have updated your mobile phone operating system. Then why it doesn’t connect to Uconnect via Bluetooth?
After software updating on your mobile phone to ensure it works properly we suggest you first delete it from the list of the devices connected to the radio, then cancel it from the list of Bluetooth connected devices on your mobile phone and finally you apply for a new registration.

Are LIVE services available for any radio?

Remember live Uconnect services are available only for the following radios:

- Uconnect 7" HD Nav LIVE

- Uconnect 7" HD LIVE

- Uconnect 6,5" Radio Nav LIVE

- Uconnect 5" Radio LIVE

- Uconnect 5" Radio Nav LIVE

- Uconnect 8,4” Radio

Jeep Skills is one of Live services designed specifically for your Jeep Renegade and Compass, while facing challenging paths or simply when you are driving throughout the city and you want to test your driving performances through the timer or the indicators on the radio. Moreover it allows you to see the driving statistics on your smartphone and it offers you driving advices in real time.
Thanks to this feature of Uconnect LIVE you will see the wheels position or their sliding for a more direct control and a better consciousness while driving.
Thanks to the Jeep Skills service, Uconnect LIVE users can map their favourite routes, to compare with their own performance rather than with the community.
The app is intended for entertainment purposes only and is available but it is only available on Jeep Renegade with Uconnect 6,5’’ Radio Nav LIVE


live feedback of your driving parameters allow to  see how far you can push your Jeep

Several Gauges are available on Jeep Skills

Eg. Off Road gauges (such as Transmission gauge, HDC Gauge , Pitch, Roll, External, Pressure and Altitude),

Dynamic gauges (such as g Force, Pedal position (Brake, gas pedal),  Exhaust temp, Engine oil temp, Engine water temp), Battery Current Level, Battery Charge Sts,  Oil Pressure, Intake Air and many others.

Timers (such as 0-50 Km/h (time), 0-100 Km/h (time and many others) Get you  know what his vehicle is capable of.

How can you reach the starting of «Routes» in Jeep Skills?
In the section «Routes» of Jeep Skills app, the «Start» button is active only in close proximity to the route start. This point is decided by the Uconnect Team while loading the route. To be certain you are in close proximity to the start it is possible to select from the Uconnect LIVE app on your smartphone the route you are interested in and use the original maps on the smartphone to have the directions to exactly reach the point where «Start» is active. Remember the vehicle should not move until you select the «Start» button.

You cannot access the sections «Routes», «My itineraries» and «Badge» in Jeep Skills?
Verify to have started data transmission in the app settings on the radio. Remember that to use these functionalities it is necessary to permit access to your GPS position through the settings of the app on your smartphone. To inform you every time your position is transmitted to the server a specific icon was added to the status bar of the radio. For further information on how this icon works you can consult the user and maintenance guide available online.