A special birthday celebrated with a unique show next to the most titled team of Italy!

One between Jeep and Juventus confirms a successful marriage based on the ability to address and overcome even the toughest challenges. One feature that is summed up in the famous slogan "Go anywhere, do anything"

Saturday, October 29, at the meeting between Juventus and Napoli, the Jeep® brand has celebrated its 75 years at the Juventus Stadium, with a new and spectacular show of lights and projections.

During the event it was retraced the milestones of the brand's history. The green lawn of the stadium of the Italian champions became a blank canvas on which Jeep has managed to create a play of light drawing the outline of the Willys and gradually the other models that have helped to consolidate a unique history.

This entertainment with light show and laser show before the opening whistle and the interval was an absolute first at European level!

Watch the video!!