To become a member of the Jeep® Owners Group, fill in this registration form. When your request is accepted you’ll receive the Jeep® Owners Group membership card at the address you registered, plus a welcome pack if you registered as an Owner. You’ll also have access to the members’ area of the Jeep® Owners Group website.

You can compare all the benefits and differences between Owner and Enthusiast membership here.

Here are the advantages of belonging to the Jeep® Owners Group as an Owner:

  • membership card
  • welcome pack
  • discounts on events
  • exclusive merchandising
  • the official magazine
  • discounts on Mopar® spare parts and accessories
  • special financing
  • the Jeep® Archives
  • offers from partners
  • notice-board for second-hand exchange of spare parts and accessories
  • technical suggestions
  • hangout with experts
  • video tutorials
  • questions and answers about all Jeep® models
  • personal profile on the website
  • online version of the official magazine
  • trails
  • games

Only some of these advantages are available to Enthusiast members of the Jeep® Owners Group:

  • membership card
  • events
  • exclusive merchandising
  • special financing
  • preview of Jeep® history
  • personal profile on the website
  • preview of the online magazine

For more information about each advantage visit the special page on this website.

For now the Jeep® Owners Group is fully functional only in these countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Morocco, the Netherlands, Poland, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia and the United Kingdom.
Follow us on the social media and official Jeep® channels to learn when the Jeep® Owners Group will be available in your country too.

The Jeep® Owners Group membership fee varies according to the type of membership you choose. Lifetime and Owner, which include all the benefits, and Enthusiast, with a selected series of advantages. To register for a Lifetime Membership applicants will have to demonstrate that they own or have owned 3 Jeep® vehicles during the past 10 years. Lifetime Members will never have to pay registration fees and their subscription is for life. The registration fees for Owner and Enthusiast members will be, respectively, €80 and €30. The subscription lasts for one year. When it expires, members can decide whether to renew, switch to another type of subscription or cancel their profile.
Each type of membership is associated with different advantages. You'll find the list of benefits on this page.

here’s nothing to pay until 31 December 2016, regardless of when you registered for membership. Starting from 1 January 2017, you can decide whether to renew your membership or cancel your registration with the Jeep® Owners Group.

To change your membership, just log in and visit the Types of Membership page, where you will be able to upgrade or renew your membership.

The membership card is sent to all members of the Jeep® Owners Group, both Owners Lifetime Members and Enthusiasts. If you sent in your registration but still have not received your membership card, send us a message from this page of the website, specifying the details of your registration and we’ll let you know where your card is.

The welcome pack is an exclusive benefit for new members of the Jeep® Owners Group who register as Owners or Lifetime Members. If you registered as an Owner but still have not received your welcome pack, send us a message from this page of the website, specifying the details of your registration and we’ll let you know where your welcome pack is.

Soon you’ll be able to renew your membership here on this website.

You’ll find a link from your personal account to cancel your registration and all the data in your profile.

The membership fee is not refunded to either Owner or Enthusiast members. Registration is valid for one year. When it expires, each member is free to decide whether to renew or not.

The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is a univocal 17-digit code that identifies your car and provides access to information on its history. All cars and light trucks made after 1981 have a VIN.
The VIN is included in the car’s log book, on the ownership certificate, at the base of the windscreen on the driver’s side and on the body under the front door on the passenger’s side.

Enthusiast members have access only to selected contents on the site. To see all contents, upgrade your membership and become an Owner or a Lifetime member.

The exclusive merchandising of the Jeep® Owners Group is available to all registered members, but only through the Store on this website. 
To visit these pages and make purchases you must enter with your membership credentials.

The advantages for you and your members of registering your club with the Jeep® Owners Group are:

  • promotion of your events
  • discount on the membership fee for your members
  • use of the Jeep® Owners Group logo on your promotional materials

For more information about each of the advantages visit the special page on this website.

To become an official Jeep® Owners Group club, you have to register as a club and submit the registration forms of all the members affiliated with your club.

After registering your club on this website, our national coordinator will contact you to collect the registrations of your members.