Claudio Zanforlin is believed to be a founder of one of the most important online forums where people join in and discuss all things Jeep. Since his childhood and throughout the years he was able to turn his passion into a career. He is present in all the major events related to the brand and never loses sight of his passion for off-road.

Was your very first car a Jeep?

Claudio: My first car was not a Jeep but a Fiat Punto III sporting series 1.4. Later I had a Subaru Impreza WRX, and then an Alfa Romeo Spider (GTV) and then I finally bought my first Jeep.

[How and when did you discover your passion for off-road?

Claudio: My passion for Jeep began thanks to a dear friend and colleague of mine (David Feroldi) an off-road enthusiast and amateur pilot of trial races in the Milan area, who basically 'propelled' me into this lifestyle. It was 2007, and with him we found an unmissable opportunity! A Jeep Wrangler TJ 4.0l manual 2005 flaming red! I tried it and it was love at first ... power! Clearly it wasn't the usual car that resembles to the ones I previously owned, partly because one of the first things I done as a boy was within a tuning shop and rallies, so my driving traits, before purchasing a TJ, was far from offroad. From this purchase onwards, my passion had only just begun. In 2009 I created WranglerMania ( which is, at present, the largest portal and forum in Europe and it is the official partner of the brand. ""

What is the best trip you've done in Jeep?

Claudio: The best trip I've done in a Jeep was during the 25th Meeting of Gradisca in 2010 where, with a group of friends, we walked hundreds of kilometers to attend the largest multi-brand meeting in Europe. A wonderful journey both on the road where for the first time I drove a CB to keep in touch with friends from the club but also in the location where we've cruised into rivers, fords, gravel roads and dizzying ramps. For the first time, I took full advantage of my first TJ's potential which was prepared for the event with a specific set-up and 35 inch tyres. ""

About a year ago, you got married true Jeeper style. How do you share your mutual passion for Jeep?

""Claudio: Yes, a little over a year ago I got married aboard of my Jeep Grand Cherokee which gave me the opportunity of getting to know my wife, Ilaria Callegari, and to spend countless days off-road immersed with nature. After the ceremony which took place in the city, we along with relatives went to Monte San Giorgio, to our hometown of Piossasco, to do a photo shoot along with our jeep before we headed back to the restaurant.

Tell us how the idea of Wranglermania came about: Italian forum dedicated to the Jeep world which in only a few years has already gathered thousands of members in Italy and around the world.

Claudio: is a project that was born from the passion for Jeep and the desire to unite all Jeep drivers, clubs, fans or simply those who are interested in the world of freedom and adventure.To date, WM jeepers has over 8000 members from all over the country.

What is your next project or goals for your portal?

Claudio: The next WM goal is to mix and join other platforms within the sector both including forums and editorial. Every year, we apply several important graphic restyling and additional content both on portal and on forum to improve the level of service every year.

What are your thoughts on each vehicle - TJ, JK, WK?

Claudio: By my nature I love TJ because it was the model that introduced me in this world 10 years ago … the new Wrangler JK is an exceptional vehicle which can be more ""intelligent"" for everyday use. It provides comfort and lower fuel consumption while maintaining the outstanding off-road capability ... On the other hand, the WK was the car that has accompanied me during most of my business travels and family outings and it is undeniable that a Grand Cherokee is a very different segment than the Wrangler which, for a person like me who does about 50,000 kilometers a year is really good both for road and off-road. For this year’s 4x4 Fest in Carrara, I promise that I will present a new personal show car that will amaze and excite.